Nuvita™ Beauty

Nuvita™ Beauty

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    Our powerful whole-food ingredients and full spectrum herbal blends work synergistically to enhance your daily wellbeing

    Gently place on tongue

    Allow to dissolve

    Let the microtechnology work

    Oral Dissolving Films are a game changer in the nutritional world


    Tried Solstrip CZ – Immunity Boost and will surely recommend it to others. The taste of fresh lemon is quite refreshing.

    Solstrip CZ - Immunity Boost | Manish S

    My iron supplements have never tasted this better. Absolutely loving it.

    Solstrip MV - Iron Boost | Gunjan K

    Thanks to Solstrip, my daily supplement regimen has become very easy and convenient.

    Solstrip D3 | Urmila J

    Elevate your energy levels, one strip at a time with Nuvita Thins mouth dissolving strips.

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